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Family Counselling
Family counselling can help family members to understand each other and work through difficult situations together. Families often seek counselling for:​
  • parenting issues
  • conflict between family members
  • poor communication and disrespectful behaviour
  • adjustment to separation, divorce and blended families
  • shared experience of abuse or trauma
  • other family stressors
Couples/Relationship Counselling
My approach to counselling couples is informed by the Gottman method, an approach supported by scientific evidence.  I also use mindfulness techniques to enhance your relationship-awareness and emotional connection.
  • work through relationship difficulties together in a positive and supportive environment
  • identify unhelpful patterns of interaction
  • develop healthy communication skills
  • learn to express your feelings and needs effectively
  • learn to respond appropriately to your partner's feelings and needs
  • work through conflict in a healthy manner
  • learn emotional regulation skills to reduce toxic fighting and disrespectful behaviour
  • enhance emotional connection and intimacy
Family & Couples session
50 min    $180 + GST
80 min.   $220 + GST *typical session length
Private health insurance and employee benefit plans often provide full or partial coverage for counselling services. Please check with your employer or benefits provider to determine whether the services of a BC Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) is accepted on your plan.
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